Training in HIFU Facelifting and Vaginal Rejuvenation

The Treatment Procedure

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Please refer to your manufacturer’s instructions for the operation of your own light therapy equipment as these will vary from machine to machine.

Carry out a full consultation with your client.

Take before and after pictures to help track client progress: it is recommended you take on image straight on and on image from each side of the clients head. Have your client sat upright for photographs, ideally without make up and always do your best to replicate this distance, lighting and head position when taking follow up pictures.

Position your client on the couch and ensure that all make up/ointments have been removed from the skin. Cover the clients’ eyes with damp cotton wool pads to protect them from the light or they can wear the disposable cones or googles as used for UV tanning. 

If you are carrying out the LED Photon Light Therapy as part of a full facial you would perform this after exfoliation but before the face mask.

Handheld devices are generally hovered over the skin (approx. 1 inch away). Mask shaped devices generally sit on the face and the larger standalone machines will be positioned over the head/treatment area anywhere from a few inches above the face to approx. ½ arm’s length from the skin. DO check the operating instructions for your own specific machine.