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How is LED different to Laser?

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The beams of light emitted from lasers are highly dense, concentrated and highly focused beams that are designed to target small areas at a time. They work by heating the underlying tissue enough to cause enough inflammation to force the skin into survival mode to heal itself with “new” and younger looking skin. Others “zap” blood vessels, basically killing them so we no longer see them (the ones on the surface anyway…new ones will appear). Laser treatments often require the use of some kind of anaesthesia and result in enough inflammation to require a significant recovery period, or downtime. If done improperly, they can cause injury and scarring to the skin. If post-treatment orders are not followed, infection can occur.

LED light therapy poses none of these risks because LED light is nowhere as dense or concentrated as laser. It targets a much wider area than lasers, and while it does penetrate into the tissues, it does not heat or inflame them.