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Contra-Indications & Contra- Actions to LED Light Therapy

Contra-Indications to Treatment

A contra-indication is something (such as a medical condition or skin condition) that will prevent or restrict a treatment.

  • Pregnancy (no treatment)
  • Epilepsy (doctors note required)
  • Thyroid conditions (doctors note required)
  • Suspicious Lesions (doctors note required)
  • Malignant tumours (no treatment)
  • Open wounds (do not apply over the area)
  • Topical or Systemic Steroids (NSAID’s) (no treatment as can cause the light to react to the skin, i.e. cause photosensitivity)
  • Heavy Creams or Ointments on the skin (cleanse skin first)
  • Taking medication that causes photosensitivity (no treatment)
  • Light sensitive headaches (address with caution as can trigger a headache)

Contra-Actions to Treatment

A contra-action is an undesirable reaction that can occur during or after a treatment.

Light therapy itself has very few reported side effects – of those that have been reported erythema (redness) and irritation were noted in a small number of cases. In most cases your clients will not experience any contra-actions however, if irritation occurs, stop treatment and apply a cold compress. If the irritation continues after 24 hours you should advise your client to contact their GP. Any redness should have disappeared within a couple of hours.